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Sistas Thrilled About Reading Book Club – Baltimore, MD January 20, 2018

Don’t just read Provenance 
Let’s have a conversation about it!

Is your book club is reading Provenance? I’d love to join you for the conversation. Connecting with readers, hearing their impressions and opinions, fielding questions about the characters, the history, my experience as a writer—is pure joy.

The greatest gift a reader can give an author is the gift of their time. Visiting with book clubs gives me an opportunity to say thank you for taking your precious time to read Provenance. If you’d like me to join your book club, writer’s group, civic or social club, sorority or fraternity (yes men like Provenance too!) to talk some good talk, please contact me through the form below and we’ll schedule time together!

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Please put “Schedule an Author Visit” in the “Subject” line of the form below. In “Your Message” please tell me a little about your group. For example the number of members, where your group is located and when you are scheduled to read Provenance or planning an event. I will contact you using the email address you provide in the contact form.

Thank you in advance for your interest!

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