One of the joys of writing fiction is that you get to imagine and create a world where you can use the real and the imagined to tell your story. The primary characters in Provenance all come from my imagination—Hank, Maggie, Lance, Charlotte, Del, Francis, James, Emma, Mina, Winsome, Ed and Philmore are fictional characters who only come alive on the Provenance’s pages. Throughout the book I have my fictional characters interact with real people from the past that I cast to play fictional roles in my characters’ lives.

For anyone interested in knowing more about the historic personalities that I used to add depth and color to my fictional characters, I put together information and a list of links to books that I used to learn about them.

Historic Characters in Provenance

I did the same for some of the places in Provenance.  The places my characters lived and visited are also a combination of the real and the imagined.

Historic Places in Provenance

Racial discrimination was written into the law and strictly enforced making the lives of people of color very different from the white men who wrote the law. I created a resource page on Interesting Facts gives the reader some insight into some of the social phenomenon that the book deals with that may not be familiar to some readers. It also provides background on what the Whitaker-Withers family and so many others like them had to deal with in their quest for a better life.

History of Racism in Provenance

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