Thank You MWA Carroll County Chapter!

Maryland Writers’ Association’s Carroll County Chapter – Saturday, October 14, 2017

I spent a wonderful afternoon with members of the Carroll County Chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association. Hosted by the Finksburg Branch of the Carroll County Public Library, we talked about “Crafting Characters that Take on a Life of Their Own.”  Thank you, Joelle Jarvis, president of the chapter, for the invitation, as well as everyone who came to hear me speak. I so appreciate your time and the warm and attentive reception you gave me.

One thought on “Thank You MWA Carroll County Chapter!

  1. It was our pleasure to have you here. I also am impressed with your website and blogs. I have read a few and want to go through the past ones as more time permits.
    I have written a blog about your presentation and will be posting it today. Check it out later at I do not have many followers yet, since I started this just as an opportunity to write what I wanted to write. Now I am focusing more on books, authors and general writing tips, but still want the freedom to write what I want so I say it is on reading, writing and life.
    Again, thanks for speaking to the Carroll County Chapter MWA and congratulations on your awards and recognition. I am sure there will be more to come.

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