Best Cable Service Call Ever!

© Mr. TinDC on Flickr
© Mr. TinDC on Flickr

Last night our digital video recorder (DVR) lost half of our 60 Minutes  recording so I called the cable provider to see what the problem was. I had to wait about fifteen minutes with the customer service representative on the line so the cable box could reset and we could test another recording. We started chatting to pass the time and at one point in the conversation she told me she liked to read more than watch television. I told her I was the same way and asked what kind of books she likes,

“I like a book that really pulls me into the story and I like books that have history in them.”

I told her I had just written a book like that and told her a little about PROVENANCE.

“Is there a Kindle edition?” she asked. I said yes. She was silent for a few minutes then said,

“I just bought your book. The first line reads, “’Hank, run!’ was the last thing he heard Junior say.”

First time I’ve ever been thankful for a cable company glitch. Sold a book and got my DVR working again. Thank you CSR Ms. M!

As I said, best cable service call ever!


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