What critics say about a book is something — what readers say is everything!

Here’s what readers have to say about Provenance:

“Page-turner. Well done! Immediately after completing this book, I sent texts to 20 people telling them that they must read it. It was an entertaining, suspenseful, and well told historical fiction that had many twists. Ms. Sawyer, Well done on your first novel!”

“A great story and a page turner. Sawyer is a strong writer who creates memorable characters in a page turning narrative that blends fiction with actual historical characters. Have a block of time to read it because once started the book is hard to put down.”

“Provenance is the perfect combination of a love story and historical fiction with added reflection on our country’s struggle with race. Although this novel is set in the early 1900’s, it was striking how many of the themes around race, privilege and survival are still relevant today.”

“Provenance was one if the best novels I have ever read. The characters are rich in emotional turmoil and the historical references make the story even more intriguing. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I hope a sequel is in the works!!!”

“Provenance was one of the best novels I have read in a long time.”

“The writer had me hooked within the first few pages until the end, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I’m glad I found this great novel and look forward to more of her writing.”

“You won’t be disappointed. Such a satisfying read. This page-turner has characters steeped in psychological depth, a setting rich with historical context and a narrative that explores the heart-wrenching evolution of racial identity in America. Plus, for those of you out there with an art history bent, you won’t be disappointed. Sawyer has brought us some solid storytelling with this fine book. I didn’t want it to end!”

“A historically insightful novel. Thought provoking! This was a great read that told a story of how race and bigotry affect matters of the heart. The author was deft in describing how “passing as white” was sometimes needed but extracts a toll on the life of the person “passing” and exposes the nature of society once discovered. Using history as a background the author wove the tale of family, love and loss. This is a novel definitely worth reading.”

“I finished Provenance last night at midnight. It was good! I looked forward to getting to bedside reading each night and it was a perfect vacation read. The topic was tough to read at times but I’m glad I read it. The sign of a good book for me is when I think of the characters later on.”

Here’s what critics have to say about Provenance:

A review of Provenance by Brandi Randolph from

A review from the United Kingdom by author Fran Clark calls Provenance, “…thought-provoking and emotive.” “A worthwhile read…”

“Sawyer successfully explores the meaning of family in this multi generational saga set in the world of high-end art. An often memorable tale of love, loss and redemption.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“I am totally blown away by your ability to synthesize all your research into an interesting, entertaining page-turner. This is not a skill that comes together for many people. You know how to tell a story! – Karen Deans, author of “Playing to Win: The Story of Althea Gibson” and “Swing Sisters: The Story of the International Sweethearts of Rhythm”

“A terrific and timely story. I love the rich characters that are so individual and varied. All of their voices are unique and distinctive.” —Barbara Esstman, author of “The Other Anna” and “Night Ride Home”

“A substantive read that will nudge (if not force) you to rethink your perceptions of racial identity, wealth and, art.”
—Kelly Hand, author of “Au Pair Report”